I have enjoyed collaborating with some of the best marketing professionals in both agency and corporate environments. 

“I was an Art Director for 7+ years under Anne Kane while at RSI. It was truly a pleasure to collaborate with her and learn from her leadership skills. What always stood out about Anne was her creative input, her incredible management skills, not only with the team but with the tremendous amount of projects that going on at the same time. I would highly recommend working with and for Anne Kane, a true creative professional.”

– Geysler Rodriguez
Senior Graphic Artist at WSAudiology

Art Director at Red Spot Interactive from 2013-2021

“Anne is not only creatively talented, but has a strong command of business knowledge, decision-making and leadership. She drives timely execution on all projects, helping to keep her team motivated at every stage, and working collaboratively across multiple departments. She is also a fantastic trainer, thorough in her explanations and reasoning. I worked with Anne for many years, and she has always had the right intuition and judgment when it comes to questioning if decisions are right for the company.”

Debbie Oster
Director of Outbound Marketing at Flimp Communications

Colleague at Red Spot Interactive from 2015-2018

“I’ve known Anne Kane for 15 years and it is my pleasure to write this recommendation. She is an expert in both digital and print media design and execution. Not only is Anne extremely creative and a great designer, she is also a great people manager who brings out the best in her teams. She leads her teams by example and delivers projects that look amazing, are completed on time and within budget. With her skill set, her experience and her leadership ability, Anne is a tremendous asset to any organization.”

– Elan Vaknin
Director of Ecommerce at True Grace Health

Colleague at Vitacost from 2006-2011

“Anne is a director who has a sharp eye for details, a vast knowledge of print and digital design and she always produces creative cohesive work. Being part of her creative team allowed me to expand my design skills and knowledge. Her leadership and organizational abilities enabled her to get the most out of our team.  Having a leader with exceptional communication skills made work a dream. Anne lifted our team morale daily and her positive attitude is something I will always remember. Any company would be lucky to have Anne on their team.”

– William Jenner
Graphic Designer at Garden of Life

Senior Graphic Designer at Red Spot Interactive from 2016-2020

“I have had the opportunity to work with Anne at two separate companies. Anne has senior experience designing and producing marketing creative including illustrations, newsletters, reports, websites, social media and trade show displays and brochures. Anne is talented, dedicated, creative and an outstanding leader. In addition to her strong design and marketing skills, she is an outstanding negotiator and an extraordinarily good project manager. I sincerely recommend Anne without hesitation and would readily hire her again. 

– Sonya Lambert
Vice President of Ecommerce at Behind the Markets

Chief Marketing Officer at Vitacost from 2003-2011, Chief Digital Officer at RSI from 2017-2018

“It is with pleasure that I recommend Anne Kane as a Creative Director. I have had the honor of working with Anne for 6 years. During that time, I was immensely impressed with her level of talent, her diligent efforts and her willingness to work on any project. Anne was not only the top designer at the company but also managed a team of 6-12 people at any given time. She ran the design department with grace, passion and structure that made it seem effortless. Anne single-handedly coordinated every aspect of our clients projects from web build, content and design to branding collection and delivery of products.

– Nina Klemm
Managing Performance Specialist at Pharmacy Development Services

Senior Marketing Account Director from 2012-2019